Friday, June 12, 2009

Hate is not any kind of a Value

The Holocaust Museum shooting and the assassination of the abortion doctor in church just days ago, has brought the specter of hatred back to the surface. Many pundits have said that with the election of President Obama that the hate groups are reforming and coming out of the woodworks. The Southern Poverty Law Center sends out an internet newsletter called Hatewatch. If you are concerned with the rising tide of hate you might check out this website. Rush Limbaugh seems to be fanning the flames of the haters out there whether he intends to do this or not.

Years ago I remember a quote from a novel, A Summer Place by a man named Wilson. He is writing about Ken who is deeply disappointed in his wife, Margaret and her prejudices. This is what Ken says: "When she refused to patronize a Chinese laundry, he learned that she was against the Chinese and, it seemed, all Orientals. The Russians she hated with patriotic zeal. The English she though snobbish, the French immoral, the Germans brutal, and all South Americans lazy. Category by category, she closed humanity out.” I thought of that old quote the other day when I heard Newt Gingrich proclaim: That he “was an American. He was not a citizen of the world.” Hmmm.

Read what Jim Evans said in his article about a former VP of the Southern Baptist Convention praying for the murder of President Obama. It will make your hair stand on end. Another great article on hatred is from Frank Rich of the New York Times.

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