Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear Cal Thomas

I don't email many columnists--but yesterday's column by Cal Thomas infuriated me.Read it for yourself. I am sending out a copy of the email I sent to Mr. Thomas. It is a little ragged but it comes from the heart.

Dear Mr. Thomas:

I read your "There's No Peace..." in yesterday's Birmingham News. I was appalled by much of what you said. To say that the Nobel prize is useless...and then to sneeringly say Homer Simpson--a black cartoon character--deserves the prize as much as our President. Have you no decency? This column puts you into a camp I don't think you want to be in--racists and isolationists...What is this male wimps remark that you then link to, Michael J. Fox, a man who has Parkinson's and is fighting for dear life to hang on. Have you no decency? When the history of this time is written those who have fanned the flames of hated and racism and scorn for the rest of the world--will be part of a minor footnote to a very great story. Mr. Obama's election sent a message around the world that this country is open and free . He was has elected by a large majority and is probably one of the most qualified persons ever to sit in the White House.

He has inherited monstrous problems that he is trying desperately to tackle. As a Christian you no better than to bear false witness...and to use the quote from the book of James to further your bias and disdain of our President is really a misreading of the book. I really don't think that James had in mind someone who is trying to deal with human rights, torture and trying to end this war. He needs all our support and all our prayers. I do think there is something in the book about that. I would also remind you that the same book you quote also says: "God so loved the world...not just the United States. God bless us all. Roger Lovette

P.S. Want to read a great article about why Obama should have received the Nobel? Check out Joe Conason's great column: "A Nobel for Defeating Cheneyism." It's worth reading.

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  1. i really think a huge reason he got it was for being anathema to george bush.