Saturday, October 23, 2010

Final Exam

(Getting ready for my  trip and cleaning out my office I re-discovered this wonderful quote that I had stolen from my friend's sermon and forgotten. Worth reading.)

In Gail Godwin's novel, The Good Husband, there is a conversation between the main characters Magda, who is dying of cancer, and her friend named Alice. Magda says to Alice, "One does know, eventually. I am beginning to know." Alice then asked, "Know what, Magda?" "What matters and what's ...garbage. Lots of garbage,"  Magda answers. "And what does matter," Alice pressed her. "Things you've loved. People...some you never met. Ideas. You love certain ideas. What finally matters is...ordering your loves." "Ordering," responded Alice. "Not like you order someone around," Magda tells her."The other kind...putting things in order...Mark my word, it will be the big question on the final exam."

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