Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Would You Do With One Trillion Dollars?

Hannah Lythe has posed a great question in her article in the Sojourners’ blog. “What Would You Do with One Trillion Dollars?” She points out that the United States has spent $3 trillion on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. With no end in sight—we all wonder where this will end.

At every point our country is hurting economically. A great many politicians shout: “Do Not Touch” when it comes to defense spending. They say we must stand by our service people. We must protect our country from terrorists. They never say: We could put this money to better use by beginning to bring our troops home. President Obama has pledged to end this war—yet he asks for more money in the Defense budget than last year. Does this compute?

Thomas Friedman pointed out some time ago that we spend one million dollars to keep one soldier in Afghanistan or Iraq for a year. This war is becoming the most expensive in our history. When will it stop?

Hannah Lythe says the American Friends Service Committee asked youth around the country how they would spend this money. You might want to view some of the winning videos.

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  1. don't even have an imagine about what a trillion dollars is like.

    Thank you for your comment at my blog. It keeps me going.