Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lent--Why We Need These Days

As we continue our Lenten journey I have discovered some very fine meditations that nudge me to stop, look and listen. With all the noise around us--sometimes it is hard to keep anything important in perspective. Inward/Outward a daily meditation offered on the Internet is most helpful. I will be leaning on two of their pieces that I wanted to share with you. This ministry is part of the Church of the Savior's Ministry in Washington. I hope you find them helpful.

The Wilderness Way

"The wilderness is not just a desert through which we wandered for forty years. It is a way of being. A place that demands being open to the flow of life around you. A place that demands being honest with yourself without regard to the cost in personal anxiety. A place that demands being present with all of yourself.

In the wilderness your possessions cannot surround you. Your preconceptions cannot protect you. Your logic cannot promise you the future. Your guilt can no longer place you safely in the past. You are left alone with each day with an immediacy that astonishes, chastens and exults. You see the world as if for the first time."
                                     --Lawrence Kushner, Eyes Remade for Wonder

"I never willed
these forty days
in the wilderness,
tempted by
the demons
of accustomed scars
But no other way
leads home."
--Nancy Compton Wiliams

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