Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Words about the Boston Bomber--Wish I'd Said That

 This 19 year old terrorist, Djhokhor has laid a dilemma at the door of the Christian Church. What are we to say about this terrible situation? Hundreds maimed--funeral after funeral to say goodbye to people who should not be dead at all. This done by a boy who came here when he was eight or nine. What happened? We'll scratch our heads and write our theories. Some will blame us: poor schools, lousy neighborhood, few friends--we should have reached out more. Some will blame Muslims--and write them all off since this young man was one of their number. Some will blame gays, pro or con, abortion, pro or con, the economy or the refusal of a weak Congress to deal with gun control. Some will wistfully whisper: "If we only had a white President!" Some will want us to send the drones or planes somewhere, some place just to let them know that we are tough and you can't mess with Americans. But the best word I have found was written by Phillip E. Jenks on his blogspot. Jenks has served as a news reporter, an editor for publications for the larger church and has a fine blog. He also serves as Pastor of a Church. I'd like to be there some Sunday when he preaches.  He has a powerful piece about this young bomber and how the church must respond to the words and teachings of Jesus even with this young terrorist. Sometimes I want to write a book entitled, "I Wish Jesus Had Not Said That." Oh, but he did and we Christians must somehow do more than ponder his strong words.  Whoever said this journey of faith would be easy must be out of their minds. Read Jenks' wise words and ponder the challenge they bring.

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