Friday, September 27, 2013

Football Mania Comes to Town

The little town where I live holds 14,000 people. But it's a University town--filled with runners and bicyclists and filled-up bars and kids with enormous energy. Why there may even be some real live students among this number. Some faculty members are not all that what's academic and what's athletic.

Remember the old story of the two farmers that went down to the Court House to hear a politician plead for votes. One of the men turned to the other and said, "Well, what do you think?" And his sidekick said:" I didn't come here to think--I come here to holler." Well--on Football week-ends especially there is a whole lot of hollering.

Our stadium holds over 100,00 people--that's a lot of people for a little town. Then you can compute all those hanger-on's who come just to party (and holler) , tailgate and have fun. It was estimated that when Clemson players the University of Georgia there were upward to 150-200,000 people here. But the pageantry and the energy on ball-game days is absolutely infectious. Some say there is nothing like these rabid fans anywhere in the country.

My good friend and blogging buddy. Marion Aldridge has a great blog called, "Where the Pavement Ends." He is a Clemson graduate and to say he is a fan is an understatement. Today he wrote about football week-ends and the excitement that goes on. His blog is accompanied with a wonderful You Tube video of just what happens at the beginning of every home ball game. Check it out. It really worth seeing.

(Pardon my brag but I couldn't resist this great photo of one of two beautiful granddaughters.)

                                                         By Roger Lovette,

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