Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government Shut-Down--More Than You Think

Listen to this sad story: "Well, our two year planned trip and one of our "bucket list" items was eliminated today. I have wanted to see the American cemetery in Normandy for many years so we drove up to the entry gates and the sign said: "Due to the U.S. Government shut down this site is closed to the public."

Those jockeying for power, standing before microphones pontificating do not realize they are hurting everyone. Sure--let's make our statements, close down our sites--ignore the thousands of children that will go hungry, the 800,000 government employees that go home jobless, the 30,000 children with cancer that will not be treated by the NIH because of this shut-down. This is only the tip of a very sad ice-berg.

Read wise man, Thomas Friedman's pulse-taking article in today's New York Times about this government shut-down. This is scary and serious business.

                              by Roger Lovette:

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