Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Room Called Remember

There two two pictures were taken by my son of that park and
given to me on my birthday. 

The world presses down on all of us. We get weary. Friends die. The world breaks our hearts. Often we lose our perspective. There is a Bell Tower in Florida in the middle of a beautiful garden.  The inscription at the base of the tower reads: "I come here to find myself--it is so easy to get lost in he world." I hope you have such a place. Frederick Buechner calls it:  A Room Called Remember.

There is a special park in Princeton, New Jersey where I spent part of every summer for thirty years. It was a place of healing and meditation and prayer and just fun. But years ago I wrote this poem about my special place. Think of your own life. What memory is it that keeps you going. Where is your room called remember?

Marquand Park

Sometimes in the middle of the madness--
I remember a park.

The trees are old as God
and the fields are green as green
And here and there there are benches for stopping.

The park isn't big. It covers, maybe a block
  or two.
But there the birds sing
and the squirrels play--
and I once found great peace.

Sometimes, in the middle of this madness, 
I remember a park.


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