Thursday, August 21, 2014

College Begins

Morningside Baptist Church / flickr
Parent overheard son as he packed for college, "Goodbye God I'm going to college!"

The following letter was sent by a college student to her parents, "Dear Mom and Dad, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write, but my stationery was destroyed the day my dorm burned down. I'm out of the hospital now, and the doctors said my eyesight should be back to normal--sooner or later. That wonderful boy, Bill, who saved me from the fire, kindly offered to share his cozy little apartment with me until the dorm is rebuilt. He comes from a good family, so you shouldn't be too surprised to learn we're going to get married. In fact, you always wanted grandchildren, so you should  be happy to learn you're going to  be grandparents--next month."

P.S. MOM AND DAD, there was no fire, I haven't been in the hospital, I'm not pregnant, and I don't even have a boyfriend. But I did get a D in chemistry and an F in French, and I wanted to make sure you received this news in the proper perspective. Love, Mary."

Emerson College flickr

(Don't remember where this came from but I thought it was great.)

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