Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Daughter

It was October 9th, 1963. Owensboro, Kentucky. We'd already been to the hospital days before. False alarm. But this night was no false alarm. It was the real thing. My buddy Dick Delleney came and held my hand. Fathers-to- be couldn't dare enter the delivery room. Finally--it seemed like hours--they called me in. "You have a little girl--red-headed." It took my breath away. Gayle, the Mama roused up and dreamily said, "Let me see her ears." And they did. And those ears really did look like mine. "Cursed," my wife moaned.

We didn't know where this wonderful joy-ride would take us. And if we can be prouder today--and we are--than we were then--we are so glad this red-headed girl with the big ears--covered, of course, grew up to be tall and smart and beautiful and savvy and a Mama twice and a Teacher of so many that have loved her.

How very different this journey would have been without you. Your first trip to  New York. It was the day the Sky Lab fell, of all times. And I waited and waited at La Guardia airport--scared to death that you would not make it. You did. What fun it was. We saw a play with Liv Ullman and waited at the door for her to come out. We ate Italian food. We crammed in so much in those three days.

You graduated from Daniel High School and went on to the University of Louisville. And you'll be in Clemson this week-end pulling for Louisville as they play the Tigers. Before you finished college the four Lovette's spent a summer in England. I can still hear you upstairs in the bathtub, trying to maneuver that rubber thing that was supposed to be a shower and kept coming off--and you yelling , "God, I hate England!" You didn't.

There was a marriage that gave you two wonderful girls. Natalie and Libby. And you moved from Louisville to Atlanta where you still live. Blog-readers don't need to be bored--but they--you--need to know how very proud we are of you and the journey, not always easy, that you have made. But here you are in living color...great friend, wonderful daughter, good teacher, great Mama and  not a bad driver. Where did you ever learn that.

On this special day memories swirl. And we thank God for them--the cup is full and running over--and we thank God for you.

--RogerLovette /

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