Thursday, February 5, 2015


Daily Kos which sends out some pretty interesting stuff included in their February 3rd email what they called: "one of the strangest ... prayers you will ever see."

The Prayer was offered before yesterday morning's opening prayer for the Tennessee Senate before they transacted the state's business.The prayer was given by June Griffith, "a longtime crusader for Christian values." After taking special prayer requests she bowed her head and prayed that God would end any effort to expand Medicaid in Tennessee.

 If I had false teeth I'd probably have dropped them. Read at your own risk:

"I pray for the people of Tennessee who have been so downtrodden by the wicked courts from on high that they have been subject to tyrannical judiciary. And I pray that you would save Tennessee from the edicts of Washington DC that would go against the plain wishes of the people of Tennessee, particularly pertaining to the 9th and 10th Amendment.

I prayer that you would sanctify this state, that it would be holy and would be a leader among the other states. That they would see that there is a God that lives, that you love the people of Tennessee. That you gave your life that we might be saved from our sins. I pray that you would forgive the many sins of carelessness or lethargy or desperation. The compromises.

Oh Lord save Tennessee for Jesus' sake.  And I pray that your will would be done that you would  be our coverage, that we would not be forced into these edicts from Washington DC or any other quarter, but let the people know that our coverage is the same as with Moses and the children of Israel when they went through the wilderness with only the divine providence of almighty God.

So I pray that everywhere there are meetings, and there is considerations and deliberations, that you would give these men and women who you have elected, give them the backbone and the remembrance of the Tennessee Declaration of Rights, Article 1, Section 2--we are ordered to resist arbitrary power. Amen."

This reminds me of the words from a Boston paper years ago reporting on a prayer by a prominent Minister: "He delivered a prayer which was the finest ever delivered to a Massachusetts' audience." Enough said.

--Roger Lovette /

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