Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grief - A Poem

photo by ondablv / flickr
Everyone Has Lost Someone 

They came from six,
   maybe eight directions.
The drove up and slowly
   got out of their cars.
I greeted them and they nodded--
   some smiled.
We walked through the door
  and down the steps—
  Through another door.

We sat down in a circle
   around a table.
One by one
  we shared our names.
Slowly, ever so slowly
   we began to talk.
Everyone there had lost someone.
A baby born dead.
A twenty-two year old
  who overdosed.
A mother of two—forty-four years old
   whose liver had given out.
A wife who just slipped away
   after 42 years of marriage.
An old woman with Alzheimers.
A young woman barely married
   who suicided.
Everyone there had lost someone. 

The evening ended.
We shook hands.
A few hugged.
Others just walked away to their cars.
I locked the door.
I got in my car.
Turning the key
   I remembered.
Everyone—every one—has lost

      --Roger Lovette /


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