Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Charleston Teaches us about Racism

photo by Helen M Bushe / flick

I have been wondering what tributaries have flown into the life of Dylann Roof that made him kill those nine people as they worshipped. They welcomed him with open arms. He sat there and listened to the Bible study for an hour before shooting as many black people as he could. Guns of course were part of the picture. But that is far too simple answer. Where did all that hate come from? We live in a society that still has a very long way to go in stamping out our racism with our black brothers and sisters. Eugene Robinson who is a fine commentator and wise man just happens to be from South Carolina. He is quiet, prophetic and hopeful. He gives us some clues about why Dylann Roof did what he did. You might want to read his wise words in Truthdig.

--Roger Lovette / rogerlovett.blogspot.com

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