Thursday, August 13, 2015

Congressman--Help Us Out!

photo by JeromeG111 / flickr

Many of us get emails from Congressmen and other public officials. They want to hear from us. I wonder if they listen at all when we do not particularly agree with them. They hold important posts. They are to represent all in our State. This is the email I send in response to an email from one of our Congressman asking for reply to his work and Washington.

Message Subject: Help Us All Out
Message Text:
 Mr. Duncan...the approval rating of the House right now is 8%. I know you disagree with our President--but nothing is being done for this nation. Complaining about the President--and I can do that, too--does not solve the problems of a great country. SC needs better schools. We need better roads. 200,000 plus of our citizens need health care. When people talk about Obamacare most ignore all those people out there who are mostly voiceless--that seen somebody to stand up for them. No plan is ever put forth against our health care program that would include them. All is a pretty big word in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I know much of our history our all was very selective...let's do better. Help us all. You have a big job. God bless. Roger Lovette
art work by Norman Rockwell
--Roger Lovette /

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