Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kim Davis and the Pope

photo by Julia  Ortiz / flickr

When I read where Kim Davis, the anti-gay marriage icon was having a secret meeting with the Pope I said, "What?" Why would the Pope meet with this woman who has become a symbol of hatred toward gays and gay marriage? She made headlines weeks ago when as County Clerk she turned away gay couples trying to get a marriage license in her Kentucky county. Opponents of gay marriage are hauling out their flags and saying: "See...see--even the Pope is against this terrible law."

As I settled down--some--and thought further about this issue I have changed my mind. This Pope keeps everyone surprised. He has washed the feet of people with AIDS. He has spoken strongly for the poor and the marginalized. Homeless people love him. He has visited prisons . He even stopped his Fiat the other day tin Philadelphia to touch and pray for a little boy with cerebral palsy. His parents will never forget that moment. Weeks ago when asked about gays the Pope replied, "Who am I to judge!"

Do we liberals think have a corner on religion, the Pope or diversity? The very word Pope means "bridge builder." Pope Francis has taken out his hammer, nails and saw and began to do what few Popes have done. He is reaching out to all kinds of people. Labels mean little to him. Such actions make for a better world.

Back to Kim Davis. Like the ten-year old boy with cerebral palsy--Pope Francis sees Kim Davis as a child of God. Yes she has been married four times. Twice to the same man.Yes she has had two children out of wedlock. Yes she has stood in her Clerk's office and turned gay couples away that came to get a marriage license. She said"No!" when when the law of the land has said: "Yes!" She is not one of my favorite people. But maybe the Pope in having a private meeting with Mrs. Davis is teaching we liberals a lesson we sometimes forget. Jesus loves everybody. He took time for everybody. Even the politically incorrect.

I am sure the people who arranged this meeting hope to make hay out of a very human response of the Pope. I can just hear politicians already getting on their soapboxes and yelling: "See...even the Pope hates gay Marriage."

Forget these folk. When the dust has settled--Kim Davis will look at the black rosary the Pope gave her. She will not remember the visits of Mike Huckabee or Ted Cruz to her Kentucky county. She will not even remember the people who have used her for their own cause. No. She will always remember that once upon a time a very great Christian man--known the world over--called her name, prayed for her and treated here like a real human being.

--Roger Lovette /

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