Saturday, April 23, 2016

Words from Our Muslim Neighbor

photo by rana ossama / flickr

All this talk about Muslims has a lot of people scared--here and in Europe too. A great many Muslims have talked about how some their children have ugly names called at school. Some of the women are scared to go to the Mall or store alone--they are afraid of what people might say.  We're talking about America 2016.

Years from now when we look back we will be ashamed that when thousands of Refugees from the Middle East fled for their lives--we turned our backs on them. We were afraid we might let in some terrorist. People will not understand our actions or inaction.

We would do well to listen to our Muslim neighbors. I read the Letters to the Editor in our daily paper. In the Bible Belt--some of the letters and anger out there is scary.

But here is a letter from a Muslim woman from one Letter we need to listen to:

"Yes, my neighbor is scared because I am a Muslim. Yet, aside from me, she has never met a Muslim before in her entire life.

As a Muslim I remain restless until my neighbor feels safe. I feel hurt by the prejudices I have been experiencing. But my mind is telling me to communicate with my neighbor and address her fears...I'd like to talk to everybody who has the same fears as she does. I want to tell my neighbor and everybody else not to be afraid of Muslims. The terrorists have killed far more Muslims than non-Muslims. They are enemies of all of us. I am a proud American who deeply respects the great American ideals which promote justice, equality and freedom. These are my American values and also my Islamic values.

My neighbor needs to know this and you also must know this."

photo by w wardana / flickr

--Roger Lovette /


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