Monday, June 27, 2016

Jesus and Donald Trump

"My Favorite Book" - Donald Trump
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Word comes from Dr. James Dobson, right-wing prophet---that he has heard, second-hand that Mr. Trump had recently accepted "Jesus Christ as his personal Savior." He isn't sure exactly when this happened or who was the lucky Pastor but it was around the recent time when Mr. Trump spoke to 800 Evangelical pastors in New York.

Some conservatives say that Trump is still slinging around the hell word everywhere he goes.  James Dobson, in his defense, says: "We have to cut him some slack since he is a baby Christian." I do hope that he is a baby Christian. But--I was also like to hear the new convert comment on that statement about not forgiving anyone ever. I would like to hear him speak to Jesus' words about: "I was a stranger and you took me in..." when it comes to millions of immigrants. I would like to hear his new comments about Muslims and terrorism. I would like to hear if he still believes that President Obama was somehow behind the Orlando shooting.  I would like him to address his followers who are selling T-Shirts at his rallies proclaiming: "Donald Trump is going to kick the s... out of ISIS." I would like to see Mr. Trump release his tax returns. Wonder how much he gave to the church and other philanthrophic causes. Oh, but maybe he would say that was before he "confessed Jesus as his personal Savior." I will be looking to see what changes Mr. Trump has made in light of his recent conversion.

This whole matter is not politics as much as it is about a religion that is so wed to right-wing values that it has little or nothing to say to this world or its hurting problems. Dietrich Bonhoeffer looking at his country and so many of his churches devoured by Hitlerism and nationalism that he began talking about "cheap grace." A grace that costs little or nothing. We cannot wrap Jesus around a United States flag--they are not one and the same. And we cannot wrap Mr. Trump around the Christian flag easily--if at all.

"Accepting Jesus as your personal Savior" is not a slogan. It is a powerful statement of a life that is changed inside and out. Granted it takes a lifetime to work this out...but we must see evidence of his recent conversion.

This reminds me of  the story of  a little boy asked his Sunday School teacher if Hitler was a Christian. She piously replied: "We hope he accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior when he was a little boy." Tell that to six million murdered Jews not to speak of the havoc the Fuhrer caused everywhere.

Folks, we have to get beyond slogans. The proof will be in what we see in the days ahead. And if we are dumb enough to just take at face value what we read in the papers or on the internet--God help us and God help America. We will certainly need it.

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--Roger Lovette /

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