Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Garrison Keillor Ain't So Dumb

photo by Alan Kotok / flickr

I've been a Garrison Keillor fan for a long time. Just recently The Greenville News (SC) has been running some of his thoughts on Saturdays. Vintage Keillor. Just a mite off-the-wall--but right on target. Nobody loves the U-S-of A more than Garrison Keillor. But he gets at this love in a wonderful side-ways kind of a way. Here are a few of his quotes from his latest column: "Where is the old America?" 

"Apparently we are on the verge of losing our Second Amendment rights and will need to defend ourselves with tent stakes and bug spray."

In the amiable America I grew up in: "You didn't blame your hemorrhoids on the party in power in Washington."

"If you were a Syrian refugee resettled in Grover's Corners, you should come to church suppers. Buy a raffle ticket to win the outboard motor and sit down with a plate of beans and baked chicken and potato salad, a roll, a slab of pie, and learn the art of small talk."
  "So how are you doing?
  "Not so bad. Can't complain."
  "Drove by your house and your lawn in looking pretty good."
  "Well, we've had enough rain, that's for sure."
I skip a couple of lines to quote : "You will find common decency here, the common crucial values which are about marriage, parenthood, friendship, work, faith and attitude."

"Style is what keeps us going. We survive by virtue of people extending themselves, welcoming the young, showing sympathy for the suffering, taking pleasure in each other's good fortune. We are here for a brief time. We would like our stay to mean something. Do the right thing. Travel light. Be sweet."

Wish I'd said that.

You can read the whole newspaper piece by checking:http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-america-garrison-keillor-riesling-brie-oxycontin-perspec-0818-jm-20160817-story.html

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