Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Grand-Daughter

Twenty one years ago when came into our lives--our second granddaughter: Libby. Elizabeth, really named after the father's mother. She was born in Louisville and not too long after that they moved to Atlanta where she lived until she finished high school. Then she went to Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina for two years. She was a runner--as you can see from one of these pictures and won all sorts of medals. They gave her a running scholarship at Limestone.

But she wanted to be a nurse and so she transferred this Fall to South Carolina Upstate because she wanted to get into the Nurses' program they had. She's on the cross-country running team there too. 

I don't want to bore you with TMI--too much information--but Libby has been an delight. And I am very proud of her and proud to have her for a granddaughter.

Twenty-one...wonderful and scary. But I wanted her to know how much we love her and how we could easily give her a standing ovation if she was here today.

We all have a touch time growing up. And Libby has jumped over some pretty high hurdles in her young life. And here she is--in living color--and see wish her the best of everything. 



 Libby Jennette

My four girls: Libby, Leslie, Natalie, Gayle

--Roger Lovette /


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