Monday, June 12, 2017

Planned Parenthood Ain't All Bad

photo courtesy of Women's enews / flickr

I've gotten weary of Planned Parenthood bashing. You would almost think this organization was the Mark of the Beast. All we have heard about is abortion--which these clinics do not do--though they do counsel women about this matter. Their underlying work is women's health. And if we defund this organization it will have a very hard time helping women--especially poor women with sexual health matters. They scan women worried about lumps in their breasts and check for cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases among other things.  I do think Planned Parenthood has done a lousy job of letting folk know the wonderful range of their services and they should do a better job. But they have helped a lot of women and families especially and people need to know this. 

Nicholas Kristof, wise columnist, has written a moving article about Planned Parenthood. He visited Paul Ryan's district in Wisconsin and interviewed some women and men about what happened in the three clinics he visited there. Read the story--and see for yourself. 

--Roger Lovette /

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