Friday, January 30, 2009

It Don't Get No Better

A friend of mine always wanted a baby. But not only was she not married but she was fast approaching the big 4-0. So she went through the artificial insemination process and ta-dah she has this beautiful baby boy. I don't know any Mama that loves their child more. She lights up like a chandelier every time she says the baby's name.

She was at a shopping center the other day. Leaving the store, getting ready to put the baby in his car seat, she stopped long enough to kiss him and kiss him again. A lady walking by said, "Honey, it don't get no better than that!"

Somewhere along the line most of us got lost. We forgot what really is better and what is truly important. I wonder if this economic downturn could help force us back to the basics. We are painfully learning that most of the stuff that we think is absolutely necessary to our survival is not quite as important as we though. Tony Campolo talks about rearranging the price tags. You really can't put a price on personal relationships. That little one that keeps you awake many nights. That teenager who drives you crazy much of the time. That parent who, even after all these years can still push your buttons. Maybe the woman pushing that cart hit on something important. Perhaps it really doesn't get any better than some of the simplest of things.

Many of us have spent far too much time on the inconsequentials while missing the things that truly matter. Take a little inventory of your priorities. Look at your own life. Now you fill in the blanks: It don't get any better than _________ .


  1. Roger, you hit the Truth Button again! Here’s how I filled in the blank you offered:

    It doesn’t get any better than having a good cup of coffee with an English muffin as I start my day. True, I am a “morning person” and I love to have time to sit and sip my coffee in the morning.

    Mr. C, one of my hospice patients who had had several radiation and chemo treatments for cancer, taught me a lot about taste. One day I was visiting with Mr. C. The TV set was on, but the sound was off. When a familiar commercial about orange juice appeared on the screen, with the OJ splashing against the ice and rushing back like a wave, he pointed to it and said: “I saw that the other day and asked my wife to get me some orange juice, as ‘I believe that will taste good.’ When I put the glass to my lips, it did not taste like orange juice at all, but like some strange foreign substance.”

    So, when I enjoy my morning coffee, I sometimes think of Mr. C, and I am thankful for the wonderful ability to taste!

    Zelma Pattillo

  2. Our good friend Dan Scott preached on the manna and said "You've got to go out and get your good stuff every day." Carolyn and I have tried to do that ever since. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. having all three of my children in the same room with kerry and me for whatever time we have together.