Sunday, January 4, 2009

Making It Through a Hard Time

One of my favorite times on TV is watching Bill Moyers' Friday evening program on PBS. Most of the time he takes the pulse of what is going on. He interviews people who can shed light on a variety of subjects. A few weeks ago he talked about the economy and as the program went on the conversation grew gloomier and gloomier. Bill finally said, "We need to remember that our grandfathers lived through the depression and our fathers lived through World War II and we will make it through our hard time."

I don't know a better word for this new year. Those that sloshed through the depression were never the same again. Those hard times did something to their souls. Many became frugal and wise and strong. They did more than survive--but they lived lives that were meaningful and that mattered. Those who lived through World War II were called "The Greatest Generation." Tempered by suffering and loss and disruption of lives and families, they rose to the occasion and were called great.

Now this is our time on stage. I wonder, looking back on this hard time what history will say about us. Economically so many have lost so much of their savings. Over a million families have have lost their homes in foreclosure. Unemployment is rampant. We are all being forced to reevaluate our lives and our priorities. What will they say about us? I hope Bill Moyers was right in his observation. "We will make it through our own hard time."

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  1. I don't remember who said it I just remember what he said. When the old black preacher was asked to share his favorite verse he said "And it came to pass."