Friday, January 1, 2010

Praying for Mr. Limbaugh

I guess by now we have all heard that Rush Limbaugh has been taken to the hospital in Hawaii and word is that he may have had a heart attack. I wish him well…and I hope he has a speedy recovery—and I hope that maybe some of his mean-spiritedness might just mellow as he recuperates. Perhaps I could follow the birthers and say: "How do we know he is in the hospital and this is not just a terrorist plot? What proof do we have that he is really a patient? Until I see the hospital register this might just be a plot hatched up by someone like Osama ben Laden or Ahmadinejad."

Seriously—we ought to pray for Mr. Limbaugh.

But I am reminded when we pray of some of the prayers prayed for enemies throughout history. Lyman Beecher prayed: “O Lord, grant that we may not despise our rulers; and grant, O Lord, that they may not act, so we can’t help it.” Samuel Eaton, Congregationalist who despised the Madisonian foreign policy: “Lord, Thou hast commanded us to pray for our enemies; we would therefore pray for the President and Vice-President of these United States.” But Henry Ward Beecher may have won the prize when he prayed after Buchanan left office: “Thank you Lord for removing rulers imbecile in all but corruption.”

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