Saturday, January 9, 2010

Standing By Our Man

My friend at the Y stopped me to say, "I'm pretty down on our friend, Obama. He's let me down. I'm worried about this Afghanistan thing,looks like his health care bill has been about whittled down until it only benefits the insurance and drug companies. I just thought it was going to be different." President Obama is getting it from all sides. This war thing troubles me and I worry about our messing with Yemen. And I am disappointed in the direction Health Care has gone. I do hope, though that we will open a door which can lead to further changes that will be helpful to all our citizenry. So when I sat down this morning to read The Birmingham News' editorial section Mark Whitaker's article made me stop and think. He talks about the rocky year Obama has had but comes out hopeful that this man that so many of us believed in will come out as a great leader.This article was first printed in the Washington Post ,December 29. I recommend it to everyone. Healthy words in an unhealthy time. I think Whitaker puts things in perspective. Our President started his job with a whole lot on his plate. I wish him well and I still applaud his efforts.

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