Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Watching

The Preacher Said Watch
The preacher said, Watch.”
It was the first Sunday of Advent.
He said, “Watch” over and over.
How can I possibly watch when I must find my lost car keys?
How can I watch when I’m trying to figure out this Dentist’s bill?.
How can I watch when my feet hurt always—my age is ridiculous?
How can I watch when across town my good friend has lost his wife much too soon?
How can I possibly watch when the pundits on TV keep blaring about this and that—
     mostly that?

This watching never was easy.
Jesus knew that.
And the disciples that wrote it all down knew it, too.
The distractions were real then and still are.
Worrying about who’s in and who’s out—Jews, Gentiles.
Worrying about the crippled donkey and the drafty barn.
Worrying about if Jesus really sweated and wept 
and got tired and was furious some days.
Worrying about who’s greatest—Peter, James and John 
or Donald Trump or Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga.

No, there always has been something out there or in here
 to take our eyes off of what matters.
No, your child is not perfect.
No, you never will have enough money or security.
No, you won’t be able to complete your bucket list.

But—listen and look and wait and see.
We don’t know when the Lord will come.
But it could be remembering all the good, good things 
that make up your less-than-perfect life.
Put down the newspaper and listen to the music.
Forget the game you did not win—and open your eyes to what’s here.
Wait, whether you’re patient or not.
Who knows, God may just come.

See, beyond all the broken things,
The treasure hid in your field.
And even though we will never know the day nor the hour
We will know, deep in our hearts that it’s coming—this child 
born and yet to be born.
This Christ-mass.
And so we watch, like the Preacher said.
And we shall wait, hard though it may be.
And amid the mounting busy-ness something deep down will tug at our hearts.
And we will  know
somehow that drafty barn and that donkey with the wounded leg really do matter.
And so we watch.

   --rogerlovette / rogerlovette.blogspot.com

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