Monday, December 9, 2013

Wish I'd Said That--The Biggest People in the World.

From time to time I read something so good and so moving that I want to share the words with you.  One of my favorite columnists writes for the Los Angeles Times. Steve Lopez knows how to write. He has won more than a dozen national journalism awards for his work. You may remember, The Soloist which was Lopez' book which was made into a movie. It was the moving story of a homeless man that I still find unforgettable. Recently he wrote a column about Margaret McWhorter, a lady who has worked for four decades as a waitress in South Pasadena. The mark of fine writing is that it brings to mind someone you know that needs to be honored. Read his moving words about a very fine lady. I hate the term little people. For some of those unheralded folk are the world's biggest citizens. Forget Time's Person of the Year. Think of all those whose lives have touched yours and made an indelible difference.They make us proud to be part of the human family. And so does the writing of Mr. Lopez.

(Nancy Fears worked for our family for years. Even after my Father helped her get a job in the mill--she still came to our house on Saturdays and cleaned and helped. She was my first counselor. She listened. She loved. She was always there when we needed her.She had six children of her own...yet she had to work at menial jobs away from her family to make ends meet.  She made an incredible difference. This Christmas...I remember and I am glad.)

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