Friday, May 16, 2014


Hasn't this Benghazi bid-ness gone far enough?

So far we have had 7 Congressional Investigations...
13 Hearings...
50 briefings for staff and lawmakers...
More than 25,000 pages of documents.

Now we have yet another investigation led by Representative Trey Gowdy of our dear state of South Carolina. He has stated that: "I've got to get the facts..."
Senator Lindsay Graham of our dear state of South Carolina (and up for re-election) has made a clarion plea for the Senate to begin its own investigation.

What happened to immigration...what happened to joblessness...what happened to these new plans (yet unseen) for a new health care plan...what happened to helping hurting veterans?

Gowdy has said, quoting the Latin phrase: "May justice be done even if the heavens fall." Yeah!


photo by Darrell Jesonis/ flickr

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  1. I for one will be appreciative of Rep Trey Gowdys investigation of the cover up of the Behghazi murders of 4 americans who called for help and NONE came not even a token. If you were one of those four who asked and received none I would want to know why no one answered Rogers call for help..