Friday, May 16, 2014

Should Women Ride in the Back of the Bus?

photo by forwardstl/ flickr

This whole heresy about men being the "godly" head of the family and women are supposed to follow along won't go away. Owen Strachan has recently been chosen to head a 30-year old organization called: The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. This group has been combating evangelical feminism for years. Mr. Strachan has said, "Cancel the apology tour." Meaning: the idea that men are ordained patriarchs of the home while the wife serves as a helpmate in submission to her husband's godly headship is the will of God. His organization and followers pull out the old thread-bare texts from another era when women were totally subservient to  men. Funny how they ignore polygamy and the stoning of women caught in adultery.

You don't hear many women talking about this submission business. I guess they are to keep their mouths shut and let the men speak for them. Wonder if any of these "complementarian" folk have ever visited a Women's Shelter...sat across the room and listened to the women brutalized and abused by their husbands? I wonder if they have ever listened to the children scared to death of their fathers whose rage sends them running?

Is this what Jesus intended?

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