Thursday, February 11, 2016

Donald Trump...Anger... Jesus and Politics

photo by Bart / flickr

 The political candidates have done invaded our state! South Carolina. I am almost afraid to leave the house. But last night I heard Donald Trump was speaking about 4 miles away down a black-top road that led to a large auditorium. I dragged my friend and we were late but we thought it might be fun to see the big man and Lord knows I need some pointers. Somebody to let me in on refugees, Muslims, Veterans (by a non-veteran), Obama not being a valid President (the birther-Kenya thing)--Hillary, Sanders, Cruz and Rubio. Just about everything including his love for the Holy Bible with his name on it and that "little cracker" that he took at his Presbyterian church.I particularly wanted to hear how not to forgive anybody from a man that claims he never had to.  I've been missing something all along.

So we drove through the evening at break-neck speed to get to the rally. When we got there--it was a traffic jam. You had to park close to a mile away--and it was cold, cold. I have never seen so many cars. We parked, got out and decided to brave the cold. After all it isn't everyday that Pendleton, South Carolina has been graced by anybody as famous as Donald Trump. Well maybe after John C. Calhoun anyway. As we finally got to the auditorium people were leaving. "He's already gone." So we turned round and headed back. It was still freezing. I knocked on this woman's car door and asked her if we could ride to the main road. After my buddy told her I was a Reverend she cleared off the back seat and reluctantly let us in. 

"Who are yaw'll gonna for.Trump I hope,.." My buddy looked at me. Since it was thirty degrees outside we punted. "Well...we're just not sure." "Not sure! The only one that can help this screwed-up country is Donald Trump. He can do it. We can win again. He's gonna tear this Obamacare thing apart and get us on the right track. I like it because he speaks so straight. And being a Christian--I think he is just wonderful."

I didn't mention the three wives, the bragging about his adulteries, his money, the ugly way he has talked about women and Muslims and Mexicans or his foul mouth. "He's gonna be at Bob Jones along with Rubio and Cruz on Friday--hope yaw'll will go. I love the fact he is going to build a real wall to keep all them Mexicans out." As we started to get out of the car a man came by selling tee-shirts. HE'S GONNA KICK THE S....OUT OF ISIS! it read. We didn't buy.

We didn't say much except thank-you when we left the car and found my buddy's truck. Maybe just hearing this woman was worth the cold. I don't know. I am still wondering where all the rage comes from and why so many evangelicals are standing in Trump's line. Maybe they never heard the dirty talk. 

Cal Thomas. columnist and not one of my favorite people wrote in today's Greenville News  an article I am pushing on everybody.This syndicated writer has written a pretty common-sense piece I recommend. He wrote that all this God-talk from political candidates should have no place in this election. They are all trying to out-Jesus everybody else. Must be hard work.

Anyway--read Mr Thomas article, "Put focus on policy, not God." It's good for a change.The old ship of state is in some scary choppy waters. Don't forget we've been there before and we'll be there again. We'll need some Captain that will help us all and care for us all which seems is a pretty good job description for a President.

Do  not lose heart. Vote. Pray. Raise your voice. Remember American belongs to us all--even the non-believers, the atheists, the socialists, the liberal Christians and the Evangelicals. 

photo by Quinn Dombrowski / flickr

--Roger Lovette /

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