Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stations Of the Cross I - Behold the Man

We look up like those other pilgrims 
photo by Jim Forest / flickr

through the years.

"Behold the Man" Pilate said to the soldiers, the crowd, the destitute disciples. 

He hoped word would trickle back to Rome. He wanted them to know he had not lost his touch.

And so, we too, behold the man.

What do we see?

A man. 

Pilate was right. 

A man weaving to and fro from a night of beating and scourging.

Surely Caesar would take note of Pilate's toughness.

Behold the Man. 

Blood-soaked...,near naked...stripped of whatever dignity he had.

No wonder the church kept this first station. 

Whoever has known torture or injustice or unfairness or PTS or the memory of a blood-splattered torn-up tank or just the burden of being human can find it here.

No wonder the church began the journey with Jesus standing before Pilate.

We look up. He really is like us.

Shining through the pain--even Pilate must have glimpsed it.

Standing before him helpless and weary
There was a grandeur about him.

Behold the man!

"There was a Man
who dwelt in the East
centuries ago
and now I cannot look
at a sheep or a sparrow,
a lily or a cornfield,
a raven or a sunset, 
a vineyard or a mountain
without thinking
of Him."

--G. K. Chesterton

--Roger Lovette / rogerlovette.blogspot.com

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