Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Guns and Jesus--Great Combo

photo by Pal Joakim Olsen / flickr
My sister-in-law is saying something very funny these days: "Looks like we are going out just in time." Don't know if she is talking about Donald Trump or Baptist preachers rabid for Predestination or stamping out birth control. I remember when we used to say: "Why the Catholics don't even believe in birth control!" I also remember when Baptists used to say we believed in separation of church and state. Many preachers are now pontificating that it is God's will for us to vote for some particular candidate--many of these prophets are pushing Republicans for the job. Strange times. But even stranger are these stories that are coming out about Guns in church. Baptist News' writer Matthew Waller has a great article called Packing the Pews.  It seems like in Texas you can now carry guns in church. Some Ushers are carrying. Even some Pastors are packing.

Kyle Childress, a Baptist preacher in Texas makers me proud I am a Baptist. Read his protest of these crazy shenanigans. You'll find his article in The Christian Century. I just wonder where all this is going to end up. 

We are moving through Holy Week. Seems like when Simon Peter picked up a sword to defend his Lord against the soldiers who were up to no good--Jesus reminded him and us that his way was not the same as the world's.

photo by madmanmikey / flickr

--Roger Lovette / rogerlovette.blogspot.com

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  1. I remember two years ago when we were returning from living in Massachusetts for a year. As we entered TN on I-81 I saw a huge billboard in a pasture that said "We buy and sell guns - Jesus is Lord," and I knew we were back in the south. MA is a strange place that has more book stores than gun shops.