Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dying Republican Senator Apologizes for Trump

photo by Michael Daugherty / flickr
ThinkProgress has a provocative article about a Republican Utah Senator who lay dying tihs Spring. Before he died he said he wanted to apologize particularly to Muslims on behalf of his party for Mr. Trump's comments continually about them. Read the last will and testament of this conservative Republican statesman in his last days. Jack Jenkins wrote the article.

We need two strong political parties in this country. Neither is perfect by a long shot. I don't know many saints that have run for the office as President. But I don't think Hillary Clinton is accusing Mr. Trump of being a drug dealer or even a murderer. He keeps saying "We just don't know..."to a great many problems and issues. If we don't know why don't we keep our mouths shut.

The beginning of keeping America great is the old fashioned word, civility. We treat each other with respect despite our differences. This is not the first presidential campaign to get down and dirty--but what we hear almost every day does not help the common cause of us all.

Wendell Berry makes me think in this strange time:

"The nation is a boat, 
as some have said, ourselves
its passengers. How troubling 
now to ride it drifting 
down the flow from the old 
high vision of dignity, freedom, 
holy writ of habeas corpus, 
and the land's abundance--down
to waste, want, fear, tyranny,
torture, caricature
of vision in a characterless time, 
while the abyss whirls below."
   --Wendell Berry, Leavings, p. 83

--Roger Lovette /

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