Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mr. Trump and Jesus

photo by Gage Skidmore / flickr
Ordinarily I try to stay away from politics on this blog. If you are like me you want to turn off the TV and run away from it all. I am tired of hearing what Mr. Trump has to say--after all--it really is about him at every point. Every time he speaks it is Saturday Night Live. Remember the character that kept on saying: "He really likes me. He really, really likes me!" And if he/she doesn't like him or crosses swords with him all hell breaks loose and the media is right there salivating and recording every pathetic rant. Somebody said the other day this is not politics--this is entertainment. I remember one political candidate several years ago that was so pious that he dripped. And I remember thinking: "We are not electing a Pastor--we're electing a President--or should." Well now I have been thinking "We are not electing an entertainer--we're electing a President." The two are poles apart.

I have been ashamed of many evangelicals (yet again ) that ought to know better. So many of good folk who love their kids and their country--have fallen hook, line and especially sinker over Donald Trump. "Well...we don't particularly like him but if he can do something about the economy or maybe just 'do something' --he will be a good President." Huh? The man is morally bankrupt. And we still wonder why he won't release his tax returns like all the others have done through the years. If he  changes his mind as often as he has changed his ideas on just about everything--we'd be in big trouble. He has spent months bashing Muslims about all kinds of things--and just this week he said about them:" Oh this was just a suggestion."  Cokie Roberts, not exactly a wide-eyed liberal said on TV the other day: "We can't  have anyone in that office with his attitudes toward Muslims and others. Why kids all over the country are saying terrible things to the Muslims whose desk is right across from theirs. Not to speak of his attitude toward women." The President sets the pace for the rest of us--and if we re going to enter a time when we are mean and cruel and keep the lid off all the time--well, that would be a nightmare.

Wise man, Jim Wallis who is a committed Christian and has led us on many hard issues--has written a splendid piece that everybody--especially we Christians--ought to read. Read it for yourself. It makes sense and for me it makes good religion.

--Roger Lovette / rogerlovette.blogspot.com

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