Friday, March 3, 2017

Balm for our Gilead - Lenten Thoughts

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Several times a year I lead grief groups. We sit around a table and they pour out their pain and loss. Suicide. Alzheimer's. A motorcycle accident. Old age. Death after years of terrible suffering. Most, if not all of them, are burdened down with the too-muchness of life. They open up their hearts to one another and in some strange way many of them begin the healing journey. Which is in itself long and hard. 

After weeks of discussion and sharing I asked them to sit down and write three thank-you notes to people who had helped shape their lives. I told them not to write those who sent casseroles and such--but I asked them to expand the circle. Write those who have helped make them who they are.  I hoped in the act of remembering for just a few minutes they would move beyond the pain of their grief and remember those who helped so much along the way.

This Lenten season why not take time from whatever you are engaged in to remember. To maybe write three notes or spend some time just thinking of those faces and how they talked and what they did for you. However today they make you smile. Living or dead--resurrect these who made life sparkle for you. You may just want to lift them up to the Father and be glad.

Maybe such an exercise will save some of us from the thus-and-so-ness of life. Which, my friends is plenty today.

--Roger Lovette /

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  1. Dear Roger, There is a short essay by the author of "Roots" about this same idea..He was on a ship and wrote letters of thanks to people who had been important to him. The letters he received in return were so surprising..those who received the letters were so moved at being remembered and they wrote back to thank him...It's a fine exercise in thankfulness...Best, Anita