Friday, March 3, 2017

Immigration Overkill

photo by Purblind / flickr

Two nights ago I listened carefully as President Trump recognized people whose loved ones had been killed by illegal immigrants. He did not mention all the others that have been killed by citizens of this country. Listening to the President one would think that illegal persons are committing most of the violent crimes in this country. Not so.

We should grieve when any loved one is killed. And those whom Mr. Trump recognized have been through enormous pain--and some may be crippled for the rest of their lives. But to say that most undocumented people in this country are criminals is simply untrue. Fanning the flames of fear is not a healthy way to any leader to act.  

Read the story of this writer from Australia , Mem Fox* who was stopped by our immigration officials and treated horribly. She writes about others in the room where she waited and how they were treated. I would like to think this is an isolated case--but I am not sure. I do know that this is not the way Americans should treat our guests--we assume they are guilty until they are found to be innocent.

Read Mem's story. These days I am sure this painful experience could be repeated over and over. We cannot demean people and treat them less than humane because somebody, somewhere may just be a terrorist. Isn't this ammunition for ISIS when they see the way we are treating many innocent people?

*Mem Fox is a celebrated children's author who was visiting the US for her 117th time. Suddenly she was at the mercy of Us Immigration officials. Read her story and weep.

--Roger Lovette /

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