Monday, November 4, 2013

All Saints Day--Revisited

"Don't Tell the Lazarus Story this Morning"

"It would not help the boy
who, listing wishes with a red
has only one, and writes,
'I wish she could come back to

  --Mary Kratt in The Christian Century

All Saints Day yesterday at the church. There came a time in the service where we called out the names of those in our community of faith that had died during the year. As the name was called, someone lit a solitary candle and a somber bell rang.The names were listed in the Bulletin. A long list of grief and loss. . .

Someone who died so quickly after the cursed cancer was found.

Someone in their forties--who left us much too soon.

Someone, I think who died of sadness.

Those infected with the dreaded Alzheimer's. Now at peace thank God

Someone who had been bed fast for years and years.

And after these candles had been lighted--people in the congregation were asked if they wanted to come forward and add another name to that list. Those who came to the microphone called out their loved ones names and then they lit a candle. Some known. Some unknown.

 A Tiny baby.
 A brilliant teacher who bravely fought cancer for years.
A mother.
A grandfather.
 A brother.
A sister.
A best friend.
A friend's wife.

The rest of us sat there looking at the flickering candles. Thinking of a  name, a face, a funny story. How they laughed or sang or painted or cooked. We remembered , despite our sadness, and we were glad.


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  1. i wish i could give my students this kind of experience.. we had another to lose a mother, not in my class, but in my school