Monday, November 4, 2013

Health Care--What A Mess!!

Tired of the Health Care Debate?
We all are.
Those that slinging their mud and brick-bats are relentless.
Those defensive ones who say over and over it’s gonna be all right.
The outright lies from actors paid, primed and air-brushed talking about how much money they have lost since their policies have been cancelled. Some real people have. 
And then the White House and all these glitches from computers, computers that are just an almost-unforgiveable mess.

Doesn’t anything work anymore?
Is everything—every thing a crisis?
Can we get anything done in the richest country in the world?
Don’t those pulling the strings realize that a whole lot of those millions that don’t have insurance have no unearthly idea what a is?
Who will help the voiceless?

I am a true believer. I do believer this Health Care program will get fixed. Not perfect. What is perfect in this glitzy age? Nothing. 
Power and money and who-will-get-elected-next time seem to be more important than “We, the people...”
It's an uphill climb--but hasn't progress always worked this way?
But Health Care might be helpful to all those out there who wait in emergency rooms eight hours time after time. And a whole lost of others too.

Read Nicholas Kristof’s great piece in Sunday's New York Times. He always comes down on the side of people. They must not get lost in this shuffle. President Obama fix this program. Even though they have one of your hands tied behind you—fix it.


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