Monday, November 25, 2013

God Does Not Need Our Praise

God does not need our thanks.

Yep, I said it.

I’ll say it again: God does not need our thanks.

What kind of deity would God be if He (She) sat around just waiting for our praise?

And what kind of a God would it be that would zap us if we forgot to praise Him or Her?

I’m getting a little weary of all these praise songs...that infer that God needs our praise or our worship.

God is God and needs nothing from us.

On the other hand—we need to praise.

We need to thank God.

Sure, we need to keep singing the Doxology.

Praise makes us remember. 
Gratitude makes us more humble and more human.

To say a thank you that comes from the heart does something to the giver.

So—we won’t scrap our thanks or our praise.

But we will remember we’re not pleasing God as we thank. 
God does not need our pleasure.

But back of it all—we need reminders, again and again, that at the heart of it all is love and mystery and understanding and forgiveness.

Praise God!

    --roger lovette/

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