Sunday, March 2, 2014

Jesus Guns

"Christians forget that it was the Devil who tempted Jesus with unbounded wealth and power. And it is the Devil in every American that makes us feel good about being so powerful."
  --William Sloane Coffin, Credo

Just about the time you think you've heard it all--another crazy story pops up that makes the church look like every other store in the mall--including the pawn shops. Peculiar people yes--but not weird.

I thought that church not far from me that gave away a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Day on Father's Day was a new low. But nooooo--The Kentucky Baptist Convention has an "outreach to rednecks." They call this effort "Second Amendment Celebrations." Churches around the state are encouraged to give away guns as door prizes to reach "the lost" in hopes of winning them to Jesus.

One Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky is expected  1,000 people will show up for a free steak dinner and a chance to win one of 25 handguns, long guns and shotguns. In Louisville recently 500 people showed up on a snowy Sunday for a gun giveaway and there were 61 people who gave their hearts to Jesus.

The Lord gave away bread one time but never guns. In fact when the people kept following him hoping for more bread--he chastised him for trailing behind him for the wrong reasons. In defense of this gun giveaway the Director of Communications for Kentucky Baptists said,"the day of hanging a banner in front of the church and saying you're having a revival and expecting people to come is over." Well he is right on that point--but I would saying calling anybody a red-neck which is, in my mind a racial slur--does not help his cause.

Anybody who has been to a heated Baptist Business meeting would know better than to bring guns to church.This is about as bad as bringing them into bars. Blood pressure rises and tempers flare in both places.

"Put up your sword," Jesus told Peter when he tried to protect his Lord from those who came to take him prisoner. I guess that group in Kentucky would use the version that says leave the swords at home and bring your gun for Jesus.

The Gospel was to be good news. For all. And maybe if we stick to those guns who knows? Maybe rednecks, blacks, women, gays, Democrats, Republicans and maybe even throw in a few atheists--might realize there  is a whole lot more to church than the National Rifle Association can promise.

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