Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Women--Are They Equal With Men?

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David Platt, Pastor of the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama recently told those at Southern Seminary that women and men have different roles in the church. We all know this. But he means that wives are to be subjected to the submission of their husbands. He says that the Biblical standard runs counter to the current focus on feminism in our culture. What about the culture in Iraq and Afghanistan today which was the kind of world Jesus grew up in? And what about those poor “daughters of Jerusalem” that never did find a husband then or now. What are they supposed to do since they have no man to tell them what to do. 

I thought even fundamentalists were further along than this. What message do we send to all the little girls in church when women are regulated to a role which is less in importance than men. Remember the old prayer from Jesus time: “I thank God I was not born  a woman or a Gentile...”

The Pastor in Birmingham has ignored the dignity with which Jesus treated all...and that, of course including women—all women. The gifts that women bring to the church—ordained and unordained—have made the church through the years have been invaluable.

Anything less than full participation and equality runs counter to the highest standard we have for Biblical understanding: the prism of Jesus Christ. Looks like dear Veronica that wiped the face of Jesus was way, way out of line. 

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