Sunday, March 23, 2014

Station 4 : Jesus Meets His Mother

photo by contemplative imaging
"Near the cross of Jesus...there stood his mother."
   --John 19.25

Nothing is harder than to be helpless—
To simply stand and watch.
Hands tied, heart broken—no words come.
   No words.

Tears stream down her face—
But she is there. Good mothers are always there.
In hospital corridors...
Beside the plate-glass window of some prison...
Weeping over the tiny box of her stillborn...
She holds them close, her children—protecting them from
  abuse and foreclosures, unpaid bills--the harshness of life.

Her being there even through the pain—
 His and her’s—must have helped.
They always helps—these mothers.

William Muehl told the story.
A mother and father stood in the lobby of the nursery school.
They waited with the others to claim their child for Christmas break.
Their little boy came running out—
  holding a brightly wrapped surprise package.
He had worked hard on their present for weeks.
Trying to run, put on his coat and wave, holding his present—
he slipped and fell.
The present broke with a crash.
The child was dumbfounded.
He let out a wail deep and sorrowful.
The father ran to him, knelt and said,
“It doesn’t matter, son. It doesn’t matter.”
The mother ran forward, reaching her hands around her boy.
She said, “Oh, but it does matters a great deal.”

Mary stood in that crowd as Jesus staggered by.
She was there.
It mattered, it mattered a great deal.
It still does—this Fourth Station of the Cross.


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