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"I don't believe anybody could fly and if they could it sure wouldn't be nobody from Dayton."
   --local response to Wright Brothers 1st flight

Years ago I led a group of Senior adults. We met once a month and had a potluck and caught up on the gossip and local doings. One week it had been announced on TV, newspapers and everywhere that Neil Armstrong had just walked on the moon. There was much celebrating around the country and world. A man had literally walked on the moon! Around our dinner table with my Senior Adults almost all agreed that the story was bunk. “Nobody can walk on the moon,” they said and one by one they nodded their heads. “It’s just a soap opera cooked up by Washington. There’s no truth to it at all.”

One of the most disturbing things about our time is that people will not believe serious reports on all sorts of matters—even when the facts and investigations nail down the truth. A good illustration is the important report on Benghazi that came out just before Thanksgiving. That report which was headed by Republican Mike Rogers, a Congressman from Michigan. The House Intelligence Committee set up this investigation. This two-year study has come to the conclusion that the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya. The report further said that there was no wrongdoing by Obama administration appointees.

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I have seen little about this report in the news—maybe it got lost in Thanksgiving.  But we need to remember that this was the eighth investigation on this matter. Millions of dollars have been spent. There have been six previous Congressional investigations on this matter. There was also a State Department report.  Now there is yet another Committee appointed—number nine headed by Congressman Trey Gowdy (SC) who is diligently at work hoping to shed new light on this matter. Even more money and more energy.

Reading this report and listening to the responses of so many who will not believe these facts—reminds me of that time years ago when those Senior Adults could not believe people could walk on the moon. I would like to know how much money we have spent on trying to ferret out lies and deceit behind our present Administration.

When truth is as clear as the noses on our faces—it is scary when folk, led by some of our elected officials, refuse to let this matter drop. There's a whole lot of screaming and posturing today which is simply a diversion from dealing with the hard problems of this country.

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