Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Immigration Just Won't Go Away

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Back in early December I wrote a piece about immigration and linked it with no room in the inn when Jesus was born. On Christmas Eve this article was published in The Greenville News (SC). I had several positive responses to what  said--but one reader was not so happy with what I had to say. I include his email to me and my respond. I have left his name out on purpose.

The Letter to me...

"Roger Lovette’s column asking us to make room for all of the illegal immigrants in this country is instructional, but for exactly the opposite reasons he argues. He exposes the failure of liberalism (or “Progressivism” as they now call it). Does he literally follow his own advice, giving illegals “his room”? If not, he is a hypocrite and guilty of more NIMBY behavior. But even if he does, he does not realize that doing such a thing hurts the very people he is trying to help!  

Of course immigrants are welcome here, but in an orderly fashion that ensures their own well being and fairness to all. But to do it in the reckless way Obama allows just condemns these people to poverty, legal problems, dissolved families and increased debt and security problems for our country. It is very instructional to note that infant Jesus and Mary and Joseph’s dilemma was caused by a government edict (travelling for the census) that was imposed on the people without regard for their own well being, much less practicality. Jesus’s plight did not improve until he returned to Nazareth, with his parents, and where his father had a job and could support his family. Government can not legislate prosperity. It must be created. "

My response:

                                             --RogerLovette /

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