Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Hope is More than a Bird with Feathers

photo by h.kopp delaney / flickr

If Christmas is anything it is hope. I love Emily Dickinson--but hope is much, much more than even the feathered bird she envisioned. Unfortunately for many of us today hope is a bucket with a hole in it. I think this is certainly true of the United States today. My prayer is that we can all rediscover hope. The President... Mr. McConnell.. Mr. Boehner... Harry Reid...Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin--though that really is a stretch. Speaking of stretches maybe I also ought to include Ted Cruz. I would throw in immigrants, scared and frightened this holy season. Those without a job and many wasting away in some nursing home. I'd leave nobody out--which means I would also include all the churches where the poor preachers are hanging on by their fingernails hoping they can endure all the pleas for praise bands and blue-jeaned preachers that say "Dude" constantly.  But more I would corral up all the atheists and say they need, like the rest of us some sealer to put in their hope buckets too. The whole wide crazy, crazy world. Even the "Dude" preachers too.

Want to read a splendid article check out Jim Wallis and what he has to say this Christmas Eve about hope. I recommend this hopeful piece to all. God bless us all. And--good luck with the bucket.

                                                  --RogerLovette /

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