Friday, July 1, 2016

Donald Trump and Jesus: Second Verse

I don't want to bore you with further words about Donald Trump's alleged conversion. Bringing you up to date--his headquarters has been strongly silent about his recent Damascus Road experience. If I am sarcastic it is because I have yet to see any evidence of a heart-felt change toward all the people he has bashed, made fun of and generally just written off. Muslims, crippled journalists, women, the Washington Post, Mexicans  and anyone who disagrees with him. The list goes on and on. If I see indications of change toward so many people--I will certainly recant.

The dream of America was that everybody here would be safe and live without fear or intimidation. Now we know that our history is very spotted on this dream--yet the dream is still with us as we approach yet another July 4th. This day is not about hot dogs and hamburgers and a day off--it is about looking long and hard at the people we are and the people we want to be. It is really a day not just of independence--but more a day of inter-dependence.

Bill Coffin used to say: "It is important that our churches be courageous and creative, not sanctuaries for frightened Americans, which is to say recruiting grounds for authoritarian figures and movements that bear the earmarks of an emerging fascism."

My hope is that there is slowly emerging voices that speak against those that bash the weak and voiceless. Cal Thomas, Columnist is not exactly what you would call a liberal. He wrote a telling article in response to Mr. Trump's recent conversion. This writer seems to be right on target.

Out there across the land I hope refugees, Mexicans and other Hispanics, the jobless, the hopeless, college student with horrendous college loans, all our troops there and at home, and white Americans that feel enormous frustration also, may God, on this Independence  day bless us all.

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--Roger Lovette /


  1. Regarding Trump's so-called "conversion," I don't blame The Donald for this latest incongruency. I blame the Evangelical leaders who are looking for a way to justify backing Trump for President. They cheapen their faith and they cast further doubt on their own credibility

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