Thursday, July 14, 2016

USA--We've Got a Fever

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There's a whole lot of craziness going on out there. I'll be glad when this election is over. One of the strangest things happening today is the insistence of some Republicans that they must nail Hillary Clinton to the cross at any cost. And cost it may be.

I'm not all that rah-rah about Hillary but I do know badgering when I see it. And I also know poor losers when they stand before microphones pontificating about subjects they know little about. Of course we need an open society. And of course we need to right wrongs. But I can't even count the number of Bengazhi hearings we have had. How many times Hillary Clinton has endured hours on top of hours answering questions continually from those who are supposed to be giving this country some leadership. I would love to have some of them on the hot seat and let them answer questions about their emails and their private lives. Hmm. It would be quite interesting. Not only have they tried to smear Mrs. Clinton but they have taken on the FBI Director. They have aimed their weapons at Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States. And now they are cranking up yet another investigation of the Democratic nominee for President. Is this a joke or what?

I'm not talking about voting for Hillary. I am talking about being fair to those that are our public servants. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. She has been a Senator. She was the wife of a President and stayed with him through all of his peccadilloes. Talk about family values. She is no saint. She has made some ridiculous mistakes. If the truth were known I'll bet she wished she had never hooked up that email server in her home.You would have thought that she was engaged in treasonous activity.

While our legislators were busy looking under rocks a grieving nation focused on Dallas and the death of five of our policeman. Legislators--why not try to solve some of the racial problems in our country--why not care more about the hurting than hurting someone yourself.

David Brooks, not exactly a wild-eyed liberal but is a fine writer. In yesterday's New York Times he has written as healthy a piece as I have read lately. He begins by saying: "I never really understood how fascism could have come to Europe, but I think I understand better now." He writes about how scary this time is and how it looks like this great country could run off the rails. He writes about other times in our troubled history when there arose people who tackled difficult problems and made the country better. That's the moving challenge of his Op Ed piece. Read it for yourself. He is a wise man as he studies the thermometer of our country.

I think it was Bill Coffin that said one time when people kept saying: America love it or leave it. He responded. No. Don't leave it. Stay. Stay and make it better. We can't give up on one of the best hopes for the world. Maybe it really does depend on all of us.

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