Monday, July 4, 2016

No Room in the Ark

photo by John Scalzi / flickr
For years we have been hearing about the Creation Museum which was under construction in Williamston, Kentucky. Mr. Ken Ham who is the dreamer behind this project believes that the earth was created in six days and the earth is only 6,000 years old.

The Park will open July 7, 2016 and he estimates that at least 1.4 million people will come there annually. He disagrees with most reputable scientists that say the earth was at least 4 billion years old. If my math is right that is quite a difference from 6 thousand years.

The reputed replica of Noah's ark is under construction now. It is the size of one and a half football fields and is as high as a seven story building. Recently the state of Kentucky revoked the tax rebates of the museum after learning that Mr. Ham would require employees to sign a statement of faith that would exclude people who are gay or did not accept his particular (and peculiar) Christian creed. Mr.Ham won the battle in court. He has said of gays, "I don't think we would kick them out (for holding hands in the museum)" but he could understand gay guests not being comfortable in his museum.

Not only will gay folk feel uncomfortable in this theme park--but a whole lot of members of the animal kingdom could not find a place in this man's ark. Reckon Mr. Ham knows that a multitude of species in the animal and insect kingdom engage in homosexual or bi-sexual activity. If this is the case what happened to all these animals during the first flood. Surely Noah did not let them in. But if they were swept away--where did they come from?

Zoologists tell us a whole lot of the species is showing some attraction to their same sex and it would be hard to classify them as gay, straight or bi-sexual. Here are some (not all) of those guilty of casting maybe more ehan a wistful eye at their own sex. 

Giraffes...Bonobos..Chimpanzees...Flamingos...Dolphins...Snails...Vampire Bats...Sea Lions...Killer whales...Penguins...Sheep...and billions of bugs and spiders. The list seems to go on and on. If this is true--perhaps this ark could be a mite smaller since so many would find no room on the boat.

This ark is intended to serve as a vivid reminder that, according to the Bible, God sent a flood in Noah's time to wipe out a depraved people, and God will deliver a fiery end to those who reject the Bible and accept modern-day evils like abortion, atheism and same-sex marriage. "We're becoming more like the days of Noah in that we see increasing secularization in the culture, "Mr. Ham said.

On this July 4th I am reminded that the Constitution says "we, the people." Everybody. We cannot whittle down the we to suit our ideas or our prejudices. 

photo by Jim Hickcox/ flickr

--Roger Lovette /

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  1. After all these years hearing about the Creation Museum, the name of the director, Ham, has somehow failed to register with me. Maybe it is this ark project that sparked the connection: Ham was one of Noah's sons. According to the gospel song, the Lord told Noah, "Get Shem, Ham, and Japheth and build yourself a boat!" Then, according to Genesis, Noah laid a whopping curse on Ham and his descendants. Does Mr. Ham somehow feel obligated to redeem the family name? ;)